Casa Valduga: Italian Roots on Brazilian Soil

Casa Valduga bottles on the table

Brazil: The land of Carnival, sandy beaches and The Amazon River. On the culinary side there is the famous hearty churrasco (Brazilian style barbeque) and feiojada (Brazilian style stew), and on the lighter side, paes de queijo (cheese buns). When it comes to drinks, cachaca and caipirhina usually come to mind. But Brazilian wine? Almost never.

It is a little known fact, but Brazil has been producing wine for generations. The locals know it and most of South America drinks it. But on the international wine scene, Brazilian wine is still very much undiscovered territory.

For the Valduga family of Casa Valduga vineyards, Brazil was new and unexplored country, when they arrived from Rovereto, Italy, in 1875. The Valduga family laid down roots and planted vines in the Vale dos Vinhedos ( The Valley of Vineyards), and helped pave the way for wine production in the region.

Casa Valduga Vineyards remains a family owned vineyard. It has been producing some of Brazil’s most highly regarded sparkling, white, and red wines for four generations. A venerable history of wine production combined with modern methods has kept Casa Valduga Vineyards at the forefront of the Brazilian winemaking scene. It has also been named an official wine of the Brazilian government.
Casa Valduga sparkling wines, produced using the Methode Champenoise (The Traditional Method), are the number one selling wines of their type in Brazil. A number of vintages can rival some of the quality sparkling wines produced in the Old World and represent the finest from the Casa Valduga Vineyard selection.
RSV Brut
The Casa Valduga Brut Reserva is full of fine mousse, and tropical fruit and almond notes.
 RSV Blush
 The Casa Valduga Brut Rose Reserva is delicate, effervescent, and bursting with fresh peach and strawberry notes.
CV 130
The Casa Valduga Brut Reserva 130 Limited Edition is creamy and refined, with complex preserved citrus fruit and toasted notes.

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