Chances are, if you’ve had a glass of Bordeaux, you’ve had a glass of Mouton Cadet. I mean, it’s hard to miss it considering Mouton Cadet wines are sold in about 100 countries. Talk about international distribution! The winery has been around since Baron Philippe de Rothschild-the same visionary winemaker of the famed Château Mouton Rothschild who brought Opus One to California, established the winery in 1930. The red Bordeaux is one of the most widely distributed wines from the region. It’s sourced from Bordeaux-area vineyards that practice environmentally sustainable methods of production. These include limiting the use of chemicals and fertilizers, as well as employing natural harvesting techniques whenever possible, in compliance with High Environmental Value (HVE) certification.

We all love a good glass of red, but when spring and summer roll around, odds are, what you really want is a glass of chilled rose’ or white to beat the heat. The crew at Mouton Cadet must have realized this too, because they decided to make a Mouton Cadet rose’ and a Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Blanc that are fresh, floral, and fruity, and perfect for sun-drenched days and warm nights. Or, if you’re like me, any time of the year. Oh, and did I mention, the flavor profiles of these wines make for diverse food pairing possibilities.

The Mouton Cadet rose’ and Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Blanc are lesser known than the red, but equally worthy of attention.

Mouton Cadet rose’

First the rose’.

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So what can you expect from the Mouton Cadet rose’?

It’s a blend of Merlot (76%), Cabernet Sauvignon (7%), and Cabernet Franc (17%). You’ll find aromas of citrus and red berry fruit, and luscious notes of fresh grapefruit, and ripe strawberries and raspberries. It’s made from a selection of grapes grown on clay and limestone-rich soils in various vineyards located in Blaye, and in the Northeast of Bordeaux. Wine produced from grapes grown on clay soil tend to be fresh and fruit-driven, good characteristics to have in a rose’.

Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Blanc

Now the Bordeaux Blanc.

The Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Blanc is a classic Bordeaux white wine in many respects. The Sauvignon Blanc (76%), Semillion (22%), and Muscadelle (2%) used to produced this wine-the 3 white grapes of Bordeaux-are sourced from vineyards located between the Dordogne and the Garonne rivers. As with the rose’, clay-rich soils give this Bordeaux Blanc its characteristic freshness and fruit-dominant flavor profile. It’s got a crisp minerality, inviting aromas of citrus and orchard fruit, and lively notes of lime, apricots, and white flowers, along with a soft acidity.

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