Valdo Marca Oro Brut Prosecco DOC: A versatile bubbly for any day imbibing and food pairing

When it comes to drinking bubbly everyone’s got an opinion. Some insist its potentially high price tag makes it only worth the splurge on special occasions ie: weddings, anniversaries, milestone birthdays, New Year’s Eve.  Then there’s those who think that you just need to add a glass of bubbly to make the everyday sparkle. They swear by it for Happy Hour, and poolside, patio, and rooftop get togethers. No matter which camp you’re in, Valdo Marca Oro Brut Prosecco DOC is a bubbly that’s worth your consideration.

Valdo Marca Oro Brut Prosecco DOC is a sparkling wine from the nearly century old, Bolla family-owned winery. It has a DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) from The Italian Wine Commission that guarantees the quality and the provenance of a wine produced in a specific region.

Valdo Marca Oro Brut Prosecco DOC comes from the Veneto, a region in Northeastern Italy encompassing the area between the Dolomite Mountains and the Adriatic Sea. Valdo Marca Oro Brut Prosecco DOC is produced using the glera grape. All Prosecco labelled wines must contain a minimum of 85% glera. Other grapes including Pinot Grigio, Pinot Nero, Pinot Bianco, and Chardonnay, as well as Bianchetta, Trevigiana, Perera, and Verdiso, can be used to make up the rest of the mix. Glera is a white grape that typically exhibits lovely floral, and refreshingly fruity characteristics. It is probably for this reason that glera is predominantly used to produce sparkling wines.

Valdo Marca Oro Brut Prosecco DOC contains 100% Glera. The grapes are hand harvested in late September and pressed, before undergoing fermentation in stainless steel tanks at 64 degrees Fahrenheit. The wine is carbonated using the Charmat method wherein the wine undergoes secondary fermentation inside pressurized stainless steel tanks. Natural yeasts are also added to increase the quality of the effervescence. The wine then goes through an additional month of aging in the bottle. These methods of production helps to maintain the grape’s naturally fresh and fruity flavor.

Now that we’ve gotten where and how it’s made out of the way, I guess the most important question is “How does it taste?”

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It has an energetic effervescence, and soft acidity, as well as flavors of citrus and orchard fruit, and a hint of honey. Did I mention it’s also under $15.00 a bottle?

If you already embrace the fact that sparkling wine is for the everyday you don’t need anyone to convince you to have bubbly anytime. At one point, you’ve probably even tried to convince someone in the “special occasion” camp to come over to your side. After all bubbles really do make everything better.

But one thing virtually everyone in both camps seems to believe is that you can’t pair sparkling wine with food. Why? Is it the carbonation? Now that’s just crazy. I mean that’s like saying you can’t have sparkling water with meals. That’s just not the case. Personally, I’m a sparkling beverage fiend. When I’m sitting down at a restaurant and the server asks “Sparkling or still water?” my response is almost always sparkling. I have my favorites, but in the end I don’t really care if it’s San Pellegrino, Saratoga, or seltzer, as long as it’s got bubbles.
I think we’ve established we can pop open a bottle of bubbly anytime, but don’t stop short of opening one up during a meal because you can just as readily enhance the flavors of food with sparkling wine as you can with a still white, red or rose’.

When you’re making your choice consider the Valdo Marca Oro Brut Prosecco DOC. It’s got the effervescence to last through a multi course meal, and a well-rounded acidity that helps to whet the appetite. The bright citrus and orchard fruit profile makes it an ideal choice for salads, chilled and grilled seafood, and a variety of rice, pasta, and other grain-based dishes, not to mention dessert.  

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