Diner en Blanc Part VI


It started around 5:30pm. A few people dressed in white carrying folding chairs and tables and walking with purpose to Battery Park. Nothing particularly noteworthy. A corporate event perhaps? But by 6:00pm. the occasional spotting of women, some in sundresses and gowns, others in pants and T shirts, and men, in linen or cotton, some suited up and others going casual, but everyone clad in white and carting around picnic tables and chairs, had turned into constant growing clusters that were gradually taking over The Financial District.


It could only be one thing. Diner en Blanc was back. This year’s event was held in Battery Park and the view could not have been better. Like a well trained army, tables were set up row by row in clockwork fashion. Chairs were placed on either side, up and down, aisle after aisle, until the grassy area was awash in white.


Meanwhile, the band played on a stage overlooking the mass gathering of picnickers who brought everything from sandwiches and fruit to foie gras and coq au vin.


Moet & Chandon Champagne varieties including the Moet & Chandon Imperial, the Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial, and the Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial, and whites and reds from Apothic Wines including the Apothic White Blend of Chardonnay, Riesling, and Pinot Grigio and Apothic Red blend of Zinfandel, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, were on hand to keep the festivities going full swing.

Picnic baskets crafted by Todd English were also on offer for those who wanted a gourmet experience without all the hands on preparation. Participants wined and dined while the live band played. When dinner was over the party continued. Tables were cleared as quickly as they had been set up just an hour and a half before, making room for a night of dancing under the open sky.

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