Farm to Table Branches Out into Mixology Territory: Cocktails with an Organic Twist!

While farm to table cuisine is still the exception rather than the norm in New York City, one thing is for certain: New Yorkers are increasingly concerned about the origins of the food that goes onto their plates, what goes into the production, and how it is grown. Few can argue that what we drink is as important as what we eat. Wine producers have been moving towards more biodynamic and sustainable methods of wine making, in an effort to enhance the quality of their wines, while preserving the environment. This comes as no surprise given the important complementary relationship between food and wine, and for that matter, cocktails.

There are many similarities between creating a dish and crafting a cocktail. Both involve recipes that include ingredients, measurements and instructions for preparation. They both also contain a base ingredient (or ingredients), followed by the addition of elements that provide zesty, sweet, savory, spicy or tart flavors that combine to produce harmonious results that are not overpowering. Combine all the ingredients to create the final product. Top it all off with a garnish.


(photo credit: Ethan Covey, @ecoveyphoto)

The folks at this year’s Secret Summer debuted a series of whiskey, tequila, bourbon, and vodka cocktails, with organic and sustainable ingredients and edible garnishes, courtesy of the Farm One hydroponic garden located inside the Institute of Culinary Education in downtown Manhattan. The event took place at the The Foundry, a bi-level event space in Long Island City. The expansive space, complete with a foliage-filled, cobblestone garden and century old stone walls, could not have been a better choice of venue to showcase some creative and tasty, organically inspired tipples on a warm and sunny August afternoon.

Try out these mixologist worthy concoctions!

Screenshot 2016-08-17 14.35.20CHURCHILL DOWNS (photo credit: Ethan Covey, @ecoveyphoto)

1.0 oz Cinnamon/Basil Syrup
2.0 oz Woodford Reserve Bourbon
2 Dashes House-Infused Bergamot Bitters
1 Sprig Green Market Peppermint
1 Leaf Farm One Purple Ruffles Basil
Fill an old-fashioned with ice, add bourbon, add syrup, bitters.
Stir to combine, and top with peppermint and basil.

THE BEETNIKIMG_20160814_172616
1.5 oz Finlandia Premium Vodka
1.0 oz Market Beetroot Juice
3/4 oz House-Infused Allspice Falernum
1 Leaf ‘Farm One’ Red-Veined Sorrel
Shake all ingredients and strain into a cocktail coupe; garnish with Sorrel.
THE SHOEMAKERIMG_20160814_172804
1.5 oz Gentleman Jack
1 Barspoon (1/8oz) Chambord
1 oz Homemade Huckleberry & Ginger Syrup
0.5 oz Fresh Squeesed Lemon Juice
0.5 oz Cold-Brewed Assam Black Tea
Pour all ingredients into a dry shaker tin and add ice till 3/4 full. Shake Vigorously until the exterior of your tin is foggy and sweating. Strain into a collins glass that is filled with crushed or pebble ice. Pour through a fine mesh strainer for a more silky texture (optional). Garnish with black and blue berries from your farmers market and finish with a fresh leaf of red shiso (Japanese mint). (Eat berries with mint)
HART’S DESIRE (photo credit: Ethan Covey, @ecoveyphoto)
1.5 oz Herradura TequilaScreenshot 2016-08-17 14.34.55
1 oz Market Cantaloupe Juice
0.5 oz Fresh Meyer Lemon Juice
0.25 oz Vanilla Bean Infused Agave Syrup
Provençal Foam (See Instructions)
Hibiscus Powder Aviators
For the Provençal Foam: Mix an emulsion of 2 pasteurized egg-whites, thyme/lemon water and simple syrup to taste and pour into a C02 whip canister. Charge with a Co2 cartridge and refrigerate. Take a sheet of transparent plastic paper and exacto-knife a pair of aviators.
Pour all other ingredients except for the hibiscus powder into a shaker tin and shake vigorously for 8 seconds. Strain into a coupe glass until a half-inch from the top. Take your C02 canister and gently siphon your Provençal foam over the liquid until it reaches the top edge of the glass (do not go over the top). Take your hibiscus powder and pour a teaspoon of powder into a small, fine-mesh strainer and lightly dust over your stencil.

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