Trentodoc: A sparkling wine from the mountains worth exploring

Trentodoc is mountain wine. This DOC (since 1993) traditional method (second fermentation in the bottle) sparkling wine is produced in the mountainous Northern Italian winemaking territory of Trentino. Roughly 70% of the region is mountainous; some peaks ascend to heights above 1000 meters above sea level.. Vineyards in and around the designated UNESCO heritage site the Dolomites stand at up to 800 meters above sea level. Calcareous soil enriched with volcanic and mineral elements, and a climate moderated by cooling breezes coming off the mountains, as well as big differences between day and nighttime temperatures, combine to yield crisp sparkling wines with balanced acidity, minerality, and salinity, and notes of fresh citrus and orchard fruit, as well as cream and nuts. Chardonnay, Pinot Nero, and Pinot Bianco are typically used to produce Trentodoc. Pinot Meunier is also occasionally grown in Trentodoc. Producers have been crafting Trentodoc in the region for roughly 200 years. Giulio Ferrari, considered a forerunner in traditional method sparkling wine production in Trentino, is credited with having been the first winemaker to plant Chardonnay in the area.

Trentodoc is released as Non-Vintage, Millesimato, and Riserva depending on whether or not the wine is a single vintage, as well as the duration of lees aging (the length of time the juice of the grapes is kept in contact with the skins). The minimum lees aging requirements for each classification are as follows:

Non-Vintage: 15 months

Millesimato: 24 months (from a single vintage)

Riserva: 36 months

However, many Trentodoc are aged well beyond these minimums. 

Producers from the Instituto Trento Doc came to New York City on May 9, 2023 to introduce the best of their portfolios to members of the media and trade at the elegant rooftop Manhatta Restaurant. A masterclass featuring 11 Trentodoc were presented to highlight the unique qualities of Trentodoc that distinguish them from other sparkling varieties.

Trentodoc Monsieur Martis Rose’ de Noir, Brut Millesimato Rose’, 2018 (winemaker Antoine Stetzer)

100% Pinot Meunier

Residual Sugar: 5.5 g/l

Stainless steel aging

Lees aging: 48 months

Full-bodied and silky, with bright acidity and salinity, and cranberry, red currant, and raspberry, as well as strawberry and toasted almond notes.

Trentodoc Endrizzi, Piancastello Rose’ Riserva, 2018

60% Pinot Nero, 40% Chardonnay

Residual Sugar: 9 g/l

90% stainless steel, 10% barrique aging

Lees aging: 48 months

A fine mousse, with a racy acidity that is balanced by soft citrus fruit notes.

Trentodoc Cantina d’Isera 907, Extra Brut Riserva, 2017

100% Chardonnay

Residual Sugar: 3.2 g/l

Stainless steel and barrel aging

Lees aging: 50 months

Fine and persistent, medium-sized bubbles, along with grapefruit, green apple, and cream, as well as brioche notes.

Trentodoc Ferrari Perle’, Brut Millesimato, 2017

100% Chardonnay

Residual Sugar: 5 g/l

Stainless steel aging

Lees aging: 50 months

Rich and intense, with a fine and persistent perlage, and almond blossom, baked apple, and sweet spice, as well as toast notes.

Trentodoc Blase’, Dosaggio Zero, Millesimato, 2016

75% Chardonnay, 25% Pinot Nero

Residual Sugar: 0 g/l

Stainless steel aging

Lees aging: 42 + 24 months post disgorgement refinement

Structured and elegant, with crispness and sapidity, as well as concentrated dried flower petal, citrus fruit, and baked bread notes.

Trentodoc Le General Dallemagne Extra Brut Riserva, 2016

80% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot Nero

Residual Sugar: 3.8 g/l

50% stainless steel, 50% barrique aging

Lees aging: 60 months

Full-bodied and rich, with ripe lemon, grapefruit, and vanilla notes.

Trentodoc Letrari, Brut Riserva, 2016

60% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Nero

Residual Sugar: 5.4 g/l

95% stainless steel, 5% oak cask aging

Lees aging: 60 months

Fresh lemon, green apple, and dried apricot, as well as cream, aromatic spice, and toast notes.

Trentodoc Opera Nature, Dosaggio Zero Millesimato, 2014

100% Chardonnay

Residual Sugar: 1 g/l

Stainless steel aging

Lees aging: 60 months

Rich and complex, with acacia, lily of the valley, and pear, as well as dried persimmon, and baked bread notes.

Trentodoc Blauen Blanc de Noirs, Extra Brut, Millesimato, 2015

100% Pinot Nero

Residual Sugar: 3 g/l

Stainless steel aging

Lees aging: 72 months

Delicate and persistent bubbles, with dark berry, toasted hazelnut, and smoke notes.

Trentodoc Rotari Flavio, Brut Riserva, 2014

100% Chardonnay

Residual Sugar: 6 g/l

60% stainless steel, 40% barrique aging

Lees aging: 96 months

Complex and intense, with a fine and persistent perlage, white flower, citrus and orchard fruit, and toast, as well as hazelnut and honey notes.

Trentodoc Cesarini Sforza Aquila Reale, Brut Riserva, 2012

100% Chardonnay

Residual sugar: 2.5 g/l

70% stainless steel, 30% oak barrel aging

Lees aging: 100 months

Elegant and structured, with a bright acidity, and candied citrus and orchard fruit, baked bread, and honey notes.

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