Spatburgunder: Germany’s Claim to Red Wine Fame

Spaetburgunder_5_20150417Spatburgunder is one of Germany’s heralded red wine varietals. But the name Spatburgunder doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue like its prestigious white wine counterpart Riesling. Unless you are German and if you speak German of course. Everyone else can refer to it as Pinot Noir. The Wines of Germany selection featured twenty four well chosen Spatburgunder from seven Everyone at the tasting wanted to take it for a twirl or, that is, a swirl, I mean in their glasses. It is full of sweet cherry sweetness and chocolate notes. Age will yield a progressively soft and smooth texture as well as more pronounced flavors. Try it with roast duck, charcuterie, stronger cheeses and beef stew and pork tenderloin.


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