The wines of Somontano


The wines of Somontano, Spain made their 2015 North American debut in New York City at The International Culinary Center. This Spanish region, high atop the Huesca plateau and characterized by lush green hills, is the site for skiing buffs and wine lovers alike.

The vineyards are predominantly located around the  picaresque town of Barbastro and include the prestigious vineyards of Vinas del Vero, Enate and Bodega Pirineos. A recent overhaul of indigenous varietals like Parraleta and Macabeo for more universally palatable ones like Garnacha and Syrah as well as Chardonnay and White Garnacha not to mention updated wine production methods have placed it on the oenophile’s map.

The region  achieved Denominacion de Origen (DO) status in 1984, a distinction that attests to the quality of wines produced here. Somontano wines were paired with an array of small bites. The results proved that the wines produced in this Spanish region, at one edge of The Pyrenees, present a perfect marriage of wine and tapas.

The Batan de Salas 2013 Chardonnay had a touch of oak and cream that added aromaticity but did not overpower the overall notes of fresh peaches and apricots. The La Miranda de Secastilla 2013 White Garnacha was crisp and fresh with a lively floral nose.

Among the red wines, the Batan de Salas 2013 Syrah was soft, round, and full of fresh berry fruit. The Pirineos Seleccion 2013 Garnacha had a delicious chocolate and coffee nose, considerable roundness, and a full, velvety finish.

A sampling of everything from Asian crab salad and ahi tuna toast to Spanish and French cheeses as well as charcuterie really demonstrated the  breadth of these wines. They work well as both aperitifs and complements to many international cuisines.

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